Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 If someone takes away everything you have but gives it all back plus more, should you be thankful? Now that is something to chew on!

my own bible

 Under the most bizarre circumstances which I could not (and will not) begin to describe, on a farm a long way from home I found this amazing book, Amishman's Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements. In a way it cost a thousand dollars, but with its life-improving information, it may still be worth it. The 839 page book is a comprehensive guide to every vitamin, mineral and amino acid the human body needs, how each benefits us, and what happens with deficiencies and excesses. 
While this sort of information can be found anywhere, this particular book goes far beyond to include much more. The text does not discuss much about soil management or particular gardening practises, but it does express the importance of healthy, fertile soil and the most important of the forty trace minerals needed by plants. It cites the danger of GMOs and which companies are making foods with these altered ingredients. Essential oils, bee pollen, biochemical cell salts, capsaicin and other supplements are discussed at length.
There is a large section on herbs, divided into common herbs and medicinal herbs of the Bible, the latter borrowed from a book by Dr. James Duke and his wife Peggy, The Biblical Medicinal Herbs of the Bible. Another chapter focuses on Bach Essence flowers, which I'd never heard of before. It sounds a bit hokey to me, but these are remedies for relationship issues. At the end, the book reveals the plant source of every element and what part it is found in, as in shoot, root, seed or leaf. 
Though I've just begun reading this immense book, I like learning the details of the science behind nutrition to counteract problematic medical conditions. Though I'm not on the same page with the religion of the Amish, I think they are very special people who could make a big difference in saving the planet if information like this could be heard by more.

"Disease is the re-action to interferences. This is a temporary failure and unhappiness and this occurs when we allow others to interfere with our purpose in life and implant in our minds doubt, or fear, or indifference."
"Health and happiness result from being in harmony with our own nature, and doing the work for which we are individually suited."
-Dr. Edward Bach, Free Thyself