Tuesday, March 31, 2015

snails' pace

Daniel Ranalli has been photographing snails for a long time, and I love the resulting funny random patterns they make in the sand. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

journeys through pictures

Celestial Gallery, Mandalas and Meditations is a humungous book full of dozens of beautifully intricate paintings by Romio Shrestha, a contemporary Nepalese artist who draws from Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  According to the forward by Ayurvedic physician Deepak Chopra, divine and diabolical deities represent states of awareness, and contemplation of these are to transport one to an enlightened state and a world of pure potentiality.  The main text by Ian A. Baker talks about the symbols in the paintings and makes you think a lot about delusions, awakenings, generosity, greed, compassion, aggression, and much more. 



Saturday, March 21, 2015

Criminy Jicket

RIP Charles John Piona III who should have turned 40 today
I met him in a grocery store, he asked me if I had the time.  I looked at my bare wrist and said, "Oh sorry, I don't have my watch on."  He shrieked, "Is that the best you can do?"  I was alarmed and walked away, but he kept following me and saying ridiculous things to make me laugh. We did four laps around the perimeter of the store as he talked nonstop about an adventure he had had driving across the country with a friend.  I finally realized he was making the whole story up when he said something about a man in an elevator with a cardboard tumbleweed. "Props, you know."  That's when I gave him my phone number.
I loved his little house, a cabin on the lake.  One summer we took a long walk and had a long talk, and when we came to a big clearing with a giant sand pit, he suddenly took my arms and started waltzing.  Always full of nice surprises.  One winter he threw me his gigantic sneakers as he crammed his feet into mine, grabbed my hand and ran out on the frozen lake.  We ran as fast as we could and dove at the last moment to slide under the docks with just enough clearance above the ice.  Always silly fun.
I saw him in his first play, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  I said it was a good thing he was playing Billy Bibbit so it didn't matter if he got nervous.  He thought that was funny.  Once I asked why M&Ms were called that, why not Ps and Qs.  Quick as a wink he said because then you'd have to mind them all the time.  I thought that was funny.  He loved my postcard stories and paintings of cartoon naked women. I loved his ideas about karma and projects like the aquarium in the old tv set shell.  CJ was a wonderful unique individual who sparkled in my life.  He is missed by many. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ride Reunion

Ride has gotten back together for the first time in 20 years and are playing lots of festivals and shows.  In the US, there are only a few shows in California and Georgia not yet sold out.  Hope they enjoy the tour and come around again!

Friday 10th April 2015: Coachella Festival, Indio, California, USA SOLD OUT
Monday 13th April 2015: The Warfield, San Francisco, USA
on sale now www.axs.com/events/267824/ride-tickets?skin=warfield
Tuesday 14th April 2015: Fox Theater, Pomona, USA
on sale now www.axs.com/events/268546/ride-tickets
Thursday 16th April 2015: Humphreys Concerts By the Bay, San Diego, USA
on sale now www.ticketmaster.com/Ride-tickets/artist/2062264
Friday 17th April 2015: Coachella Festival, Indio, California, USA SOLD OUT
Friday 8th May 2015: Terminal West, Atlanta, USA
on sale now www.terminalwestatl.com/event/806409-ride-atlanta/
Sunday 10 May 2015: Shaky Knees Festival, Atlanta, USA
on sale now www.ticketmaster.com/Shaky-Knees-Music-Festival-tickets/artist/1830624
Friday 22 May 2015: Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, UK SOLD OUT
Saturday 23 May 2015: Albert Hall, Manchester, UK SOLD OUT
Sunday 24 May 2015: Roundhouse, London, UK SOLD OUT
Tuesday 26 May 2015: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland SOLD OUT
Wednesday 27 May 2015: Olympia, Paris, France
on sale now www.avosbillets.com/page/16085/ride
Friday 29 May 2015: Primavera Festival, Barcelona, Spain
on sale now www.primaverasound.es/entradas?lang=en
Tuesday 2 June 2015: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada SOLD OUT
Thursday 4 June 2015: Terminal 5, New York, US SOLD OUT
Saturday 6 June 2015: Primavera Festival, Porto, Portugal
on sale now www.optimusprimaverasound.com
Sunday 7 June 2015: Field Day Festival, London, UK
on sale now www.fielddayfestivals.com/tickets/
Friday 19 – Sunday 21 June 2015: Best Kept Secret Festival, Holland
on sale now www.bestkeptsecret.nl
Friday 17 – Sunday 19 July 2015: Melt! Festival, Germany
on sale now www.meltfestival.de
Friday 24 – Sunday 26 July 2015: Fuji Rock Festival, Japan
on sale now www.fujirock-eng.com/ticket.html
Friday 7 – Sunday 9 August 2015: OFF Festival, Poland
on sale now www.off-festival.pl
Tuesday 11 – Saturday 15 August 2015: Øya Festival, Norway
on sale now www.oyafestivalen.no
Friday 4 – Sunday 6 September 2015: Electric Picnic, Ireland
on sale now www.electricpicnic.ie

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Evening's Escapade

an old story from 12th grade heehee

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day! 3/14/15

Cliff Pickover is an author of 50 books and has 225 patents and lots of time or lots of elves to help post lots of interesting math-related stuff from all over the internet. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

all the fun stuff in my purse

cat dreadlock
fish jump drive
nener nener doll
old marble
Canadian penny
evil eye
pomegranate lipstick
black olive eyeliner
duct tape wallet

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mantis Shrimp

I don't want to ruin the fun of reading this comic, so I will only say:

Monday, March 2, 2015

plaid people

My mom sewed and embroidered these adorable primitive dolls in the mid-70s to sell at her shop, "The Loft." 

delicate dishes

Here are some more pretty dinnerware designs I dug out of my dad's portfolio.  See more of his designs here in a previous post.