Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Children's books 72.73

These two children's books have 
very beautiful and rich paintings.
  The Fall of Icarus, retold by Gabriel Deblander, focuses on a different part of one painting, "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569), on each page.  It's at the part of the story after King Minos was angry that Icarus's father, Daedalus, had given Minos's daughter, Ariadne, a ball of string to give to her lover, Theseus, so he could find his way out of the maze after killing the Minotaur, Minos's stepson of sorts...after Minos had punished Daedalus and left him imprisoned in the labyrinth which he had commissioned him to build on Crete to confine the Minotaur...after Daedalus made wings from wax and feathers so he and his son could escape...after warning the boy to not fly too low near the sea or too high near the sun...and we see the sad end of Icarus after he disobeyed his father and flew too high then fell to his death into the sea...unnoticed by the sailors, fisherman, shepherd, and farmer.

 Wayne Anderson illustrated this story by Christopher Logue, Ratsmagic, in lovely square paintings.  Bluebird is with Egg and everyone including Witch Dole and her cat Scratch wants to know what's inside It.  When Bluebird is kidnapped from the Valley of Peace, it's up to Rat and his magic walking stick to go alone through the Forest of Gloom to the Lake of Sadness to rescue her and her Egg from Witch Dole and the Dragon of Tears.