Thursday, April 11, 2013

MoCCA 2013

illustration by Michael DeForge
I had a really fun day last weekend at MoCCA in New York City.  
Luckily, the Society of Illustrators acquired the Museum of 
Comic and Cartoon Art and continues to run the festival.  
With almost 200 booths, it was a full day of laughing and
oohing and ahhing over comics, zines, prints, tee shirts,
stickers, bags, buttons, and business cards.
For days we've been pouring through our excellent
pile of loot and here below are some of my favorite finds.
Paul Swartz 
"K is for Kraken"

Erica Slough 
"A Night in the Life"

Stephanie Matos
"Human Emotion"

Estrella Vega 
"Alien Encounters Comic"

 Ellis Rosen
Ellis's comics featuring "The Shadow's Nose" are absolutely
hilarious.  He does illustrations for comics, children's books, and
tee shirts, and now some of his work is in the movie Diving Normal.

Stephen P. Neary
Stephen makes these funny little paintings on
his commute to work as an animator.

Nathan O. Marsh
 Nathan's illustrious "Alphabet Apocrypha" is incredible with 
an immense investment in interesting items to inspect.

Nikki DeSautelle 
 Nikki is an illustrator and graphic designer whose adorable 
booklet "The Worst Ghost" caught my eye.  The pictures 
and words are charming and very frame-worthy.