Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Telescope to Microscope

From femtometer to light year, this fun site from Nikon shows the relative sizes of all kinds of objects such as a carbon nanotube, a mosquito, a sunflower, Mt. Fuji, and the Orion Nebula. The grid constantly grows while the sizes shrink, and you can click on any part of the "meterstick" to zoom in or out to objects of that size. Click on an object or a unit of measurement (nm, cm, etc.) and get detailed information about it.

A similar idea, Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames begins with a picnic in Chicago. Every ten seconds the view goes ten times the distance away until it is deep in outer space. Then the viewer is whisked back to Earth and plunged into the hand of the picnicker, through his cells, and into a proton of a carbon atom. The film goes through forty powers of ten from .ooooo1 ångströms to 100 million light years.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Short Live Action

Sam Hollard is amazing in the Oscar-nominated short live action film, Wish 143, a film about "a fifteen-year-old boy with only months to live, who is granted one final wish from the Dreamscape Charity. But David doesn’t want to go to Disneyland or meet Gary Neville; what he really wants is an hour alone with a naked woman.” Brilliant and funny and gut wrenching.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect Proportions

Nature by Numbers is a neat film by Spanish animator Cristobal
Vila showing three mathematical wonders in nature: the
Fibonacci Series, Delaunay Triangulation,
and Voronoi Tessellations.

Love Stinks Yeah Yeah

Ah, L'Amour is a hilarious comment on relationships.
Don Hertzfeldt made this animation when he was only 18!

Fun Fish

Another fun stop motion film from PES using found metal objects: The Deep.