Sunday, March 14, 2010

Children's Books 4.5.6

The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams
by Frederic Clement is a beautiful book with fascinating items such as "a troop of elephants all as small as specks of sand" and "an eyelash stolen from the Queen of Sheba." It is a tour of Frederick Knick-Knack's collection of collections, told with various fonts, sizes, and styles that help tell how to tell the story, in cadence, volume, and personality of voice. Fun to read out loud and visually very charming!

Ounce, Dice, Trice is another tongue tickler, filled with "heavy words", "squishy words', and "words to be said on the move." Ben Shahn's scribbly black drawings go perfectly with Alastair Reid's curious words such as sounds like "HARROWOLLOWORRAH," which is the sound of a yawn,and "PALOOP," which is the tub dripping in the bath. My favorite parts are the garlands of words (seen here) which delightfully come full circle, and funny names for fingers such as Davy Gravy and Little Quee Quee Quee.

Under the Cherry Blossom Tree is an old Japanese tale retold and illustrated by Allen Say. The detailed pen and ink drawings of the greedy old landlord will make you laugh out loud, as well as how his selfish, crabby personality is expressed. Bah!