Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lenny Brodt, General Factotum

This is my friend Lenny Brodt. He is 84 years old and has been in textiles his whole life. His father was a loom fixer, and Lenny started weaving when he was 16. When he was 17, he tried to join the Army to fight in World War II, but he was too young. Instead, he joined the Navy and was a gunner on the U.S.S. Missouri in the Pacific for two years. He worked for over 60 years in many mills in New England as a loom fixer and supervisor. Lenny is also a great poet and creative thinker with lots of interesting ideas. Here he is holding a checkerboard tote bag he wove on his loom. The totes come in two colorways: tomato and white; and coffee and white. The fabric is a double weave with a stuffer pick inside, giving it a puffy, quilted effect. If you'd like to have one, email me for more details, or email me to send a message to Lenny.